Teleradiology Jobs and Salaries

What kind of jobs and careers are there in teleradiology?



The radiologist is the doctor actually viewing the images and providing a report. Some are salaried employees of the teleradiology group, and some are independent contractors. Most work from home, but some work out of imaging centers.

Salary: Typically based on the number of studies they read. $100,000 – $600,000 a year.


PACS Administrator/IT

In smaller teleradiology companies IT and PACS administration will typically be farmed out to the software vendor providing their teleradiology platform. As a company gets larger there will be a need for in house IT.


IT Support: $35,000 – $50,000 a year

PACS Administrator – $45,000 – $75,000 a year



In some teleradiology companies there will be a trained QA person that reviews the reports the radiologists create prior to the reports being released to clients. Depending on the level of QA the teleradiology company desires, a QA person could be a $10/hr employee grabbed off of the street, a former X-ray/CT tech, or even a radiologist PA.

Salary: Greatly varies depending on training. $10/hr – $50,000 a year for a radiologist PA.


Workflow Monitor

A workflow monitor keeps an eye on the teleradiology group’s system and makes sure that images are making it to the radiologist and that the radiologist is creating reports in a timely manner. Much like QA, a workflow monitor could a person off the street, a former tech, or even a PA.

Salary: Greatly varies depending on training. $10/hr – $50,000 a year for a radiologist PA.



A dying breed in teleradiology with advent of strong voice recognition products. A transcriptionist is responsible for transcribing an audio recording of a radiologist’s report into a text document. Typically paid per word or line typed, though some salaried or hourly positions exist.

Salary: $25,000 – $45,000 yearly.


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