What does Teleradiology Cost?

Teleradiology costs are based on the modality of the study (CT, MR, US, ect) and the expected report turnaround time. The large number of teleradiology firms in the market place have made both cost and report turnaround time highly competitive.  One hour turnaround on stats are common place with thirty minute stat turnarounds quickly becoming the new norm.

Generally speaking the cost for a one hour turn around time is as below.

X-Ray: $8-$12
CT:  $30-$40
MR: $40-$50
US: $22-$28

A $1-$2 charge for stat turnarounds is sometimes applied.

I would say that the teleradiology companies that truely offer 24/7 365 coverage will have the higher price point. If you only require coverage 9-5 M-F you can easily get a lower price by finding a single independent contractor radiologist. If you agree to cover their malpractice insurance you can sometimes find an independent radiologist for as little as $5 per X-ray read.

Some companies may require a setup fee. This fee can be quite large. I would avoid companies that attempt to charge you a setup fee.

Instead of a setup fee the teleradiology company may attempt to lock you into an exclusive contact where in they are the only teleradiology company you are able to do business with. This is another aspect I would avoid. There are many, many teleradiology companies that will be more than happy to read your studies without a long term exclusive contract or setup fee.

Lets examine what goes into that $8-$12 cost for a teleradiology group to provide an X-Ray Read.

$4-$7: The amount paid to the radiologist for providing the read.
$0.25-$1: The cost of the malpractice insurance for the reading radiologist
$0.10-$1.50: The IT cost of the platform to read and report on the images.

On the low side the teleradiology group has a cost of $4.35 per X-ray read. On the high side they have a cost of $9.50. As you can see the mark up is almost always less than %50. The markup on other modalities is a bit higher, the cost for the radiologist to read them goes up, but the other costs remain the same.




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