What Is a Radiology Assistant?

Radiologists are a well paid, in demand type of doctor but what is a Radiology Assistant and what do they do? For starters, they work under the supervision of radiologists and have obtained training/certification that qualifies them to do so. Typically, they need to have around 3 years of experience as a Radiology Technician before they can be accepted into one of the few schools out there that offer programs to be a Radiology Assistant. With that being said, it may take a little time to become a Radiology Assistant but in the end, it’s a very rewarding career that is well worth the time that is involved.

An entry level Radiology Assistant can expect to make around $60,000 a year (but as much as $80,000). However, the average salary among all Radiology Assistants is right around $100,000 a year which isn’t a bad salary considering you aren’t actually a doctor yet (and will never have to be one if you choose not to do so). Now, what exactly does a Radiology Assistant do? Basically, they are a high level Radiology Technician that works under the direct supervision of a Radiologist to perform advanced tasks such as making preliminary judgments about image quality, making initial observations of images, and forwarding those observations to the supervising radiologist. It is also a relatively new position in the medical field as there are less than 15 schools in the United States that offer these types of programs and only around half of those offer Master Degrees.

Don’t let that deter you from the field though. It’s an exciting job that has the potential for growth, is in-demand in most areas, and is very well paying as stated above. Other than that, Radiology Assistants basically do whatever the Radiologist over them needs them to. They typically work alternating shifts and can end up working long hours as with most any job in the medical field. If being a Radiology Assistant is something that you are interested in doing, it is best to research the closest school to you that offers the program, get your foot in the door first as Radiology Technician (or Technologist), and speak with a local Radiologist to see if they can provide you with any advice or recommendations. After doing this, you may be ready to embark in a new career as a Radiology Assistant where you will earn plenty of money, have the potential for growth and advancement within your field, and always have an interesting variety of work in front of you. The only thing left to do now is get started and get ready for a new career!