What to look for in a Teleradiology Provider and Service?

There are many items you should look for when considering a teleradiology service. The list below is just a few of the items you should consider when looking for a provider.



Generally speaking the cost for a one hour turn around time is as below.

X-Ray: $8-$12
CT: $30-$40
MR: $40-$50
US: $22-$28

A $1-$2 charge for stat turnarounds is sometimes applied.

Radiologist Coverage

Does the teleradiology group have radiologists to cover the times when you are sending studies? This is the most common area where a group will attempt to fudge the truth. It’ll be said that a teleradiology group has 24/7 coverage in all fifty states, but it’s a rare thing for that to be true. The group should not have an issue with giving you a written schedule. If the group isn’t willing to do this be wary.

Is the company radiologist owned?

In this author’s opinion doctors do not make good business men and you should steer clear of radiologist owned companies. Radiologist owned companies tend to do what’s best for the radiologist(s) and not what is best for their clients. Do you need a report read in 15 minutes because your important client wants it? What happens when the radiologist-owner puts the study at the bottom of the pile because in their opinion it is not medically stat and in their mind, unimportant?


Is their system easy to use? Does it have the features you need?

If you have your own EMR, can they push the reports back to you automatically?

Ask to receive a demo of their system. The demo should accurately represent the task of sending them images and orders, and then retrieving a report.

If they try to get you to pay a setup fee, RUN!


Accreditation doesn’t always equal quality, but they help. Joint Commission: Accreditation, Health Care, Certification (JCAHO) is the one to look for.

Sub-specialty radiologists

If you perform a lot of neuro exams (for example), you want your teleradiology group to have doctors who specialize in that area.






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